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New Brunswick

The hidden gem of Canada, New Brunswick, is home to some of our country’s most beautiful and treasured cities and attractions. Though the province is not as populated as say Ontario, it has a character unique to all of Canada. A new fire has been born in New Brunswick, fueled by the wealth of opportunity left by an aging workforce. Thousands of jobs are added to the province every year and the Entrepreneurial opportunities are limitless. As of October 2017, seasonally-adjusted employment is 73,400 for the goods-producing sector and 280,900 for the services-producing sector. Those in the goods-producing industries are mostly employed in manufacturing or construction, while those in services work in social assistance, trades, and health care. GDP : $30.76 B

New Brunswick’s merchandise trade with the world in 2016: $27.8 billion Exports: $11.6 billion, Imports: $16.2 billion. More than 90% of New Brunswick’s foreign trade is with the United States. We also have valuable trade relationships with India, China, Turkey, Japan and a number of other countries. New Brunswick stands to benefit significantly from preferential access to the EU market. The EU is already New Brunswick’s second-largest export destination and third-largest trading partner. Once in force, CETA will eliminate tariffs on almost all of New Brunswick’s exports and provide access to new market opportunities in the EU. Exporters will also benefit from improved conditions for export. For example, CETA includes provisions that ease regulatory barriers, reinforce intellectual property rights and ensure more transparent rules for market access. CETA will provide New Brunswick exporters with a competitive advantage over exporters from other countries that do not have a free trade agreement with the EU.

New Brunswick

Main Production Sector and Useful Links

A large number of residents from New Brunswick are employed in the primary sector of industry. More than 13,000 New Brunswickers work in agriculture, shipping products worth over $1 billion, half of which is from crops, and half of that from potatoes, mostly in the Saint John River valley. McCain Foods is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of frozen potato products. Other products include apples, cranberries, and maple syrup. NEw Brunswick was in 2015 the biggest producer of wild blueberries in Canada.New Brunswick exported natural resources items worth $10.1 billion to 89 countries, accounting for 78% of the province’s total exports. New Brunswick, in particular, exported $7.8 billion in energy products, $1.9 billion in forest products, and $377 million in mineral products.