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“The Supply Chain Resilience Platform”

“The Supply Chain Resilience Platform”
We are excited to announce that Enterprise Europe Network has launched “The Supply Chain Resilience Platform”

It’s an initiative to address the on going economic, environmental, and social challenges that have left businesses severely affected by supply chain disruptions.

Are you looking to:

  • Connect with the international business community, find new partners for collaboration, and identify potential suppliers or buyers?
  • Showcase your most successful projects, innovative products, and cutting-edge technologies?
  • Join the debate and share insights on solutions and initiatives to address vulnerabilities in international supply chains?
The platform helps businesses to retain, re-structure or replace existing supply chains. The platform also offers vast commercial opportunities to international suppliers of raw materials, parts, components and/or (semi-)finished goods or services.

Register your business to connect with new partners and secure your international supply chain!