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“Portugal-Canada Steel Construction/Public Procurement Opportunities Webinar+B2B Event”

“Portugal-Canada Steel Construction/Public Procurement Opportunities Webinar+B2B Event”

Portugal-Canada Steel Construction/Public Procurement Opportunities Webinar+B2B Event


Part 1: Webinar

When: Wednesday, June 29th, 2022 

8:30am PDT-10:30am PDT/16:30 UTC-18:30 UTC

Part 2: B2B Meetings

When: June 29th-July 29th, 2022

Why participate?

Listen to industry experts discuss investment, business collaboration, and public procurement opportunities in steelwork and infrastructure sectors in both Portugal/EU and Canada. 

Canadian participants:

  • Learn how to access public procurement opportunities in the European Union. 
  • Learn about the steel industry in Portugal, main steel construction projects, major industry players, recent industry trends, and R&D/technology developments. 

Portugese participants 

  • Listen to BC government speakers discuss MPI’s (Major Project Inventory) on proposed infrastructure projects in BC that are both publicly and privately funded.  
  • Learn about accessing projects in British Columbia available through the new BC Bid platform. 
  • Learn how to successfully find project partners and set up operations in Canada.

B2B Meetings

When: June 29th-July 29th, 2022

Schedule and conduct meetings with companies/project partners of your interest. 

This initiative will allow all our participants (construction companies, steel processing companies, contractors, consultants, public entities, and trade associations) from both Portugal and Canada to meet online using the event’s platform, and to directly discuss one-on-one potential business collaboration opportunities, current R&D projects, new industry trends, implementation of innovative technologies, as well as, exchanging information about various steelwork/infrastructure projects on both continents.

Participation in this virtual webinar + B2B matchmaking event is free of charge. 

However, participants still must register and fill in their own profiles and marketplace info. 

Event is open only to Canadian and Portuguese participants.