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A series of events organized into four broad categories will be held across Canada:

[note_box]Tradeshows & Business Forums – EU-Canada events will be organized in conjunction with major tradeshows with the goal of bringing together Canadian and European SMEs in a specific sector to discuss the state of the industry and developments following the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).
Seminars – series of practical tutorials for SMEs with experienced trainers from Brussels on how to do business in Europe and take advantage of market liberalization

Conferences – luncheon-conferences held in 4 major Canadian cities during which government and business leaders will examine the EU-Canada relationship

Europe Day Events – as the project concludes, convivial events to celebrate Europe Day and to launch the “EU-Canada Business Guide” will be held in Canada’s four largest cities


Tradeshows & Business Forums

The Business Forums will take place during important Canadian international tradeshows and conferences we have identified that represent key industry sectors with respect to EU-Canada bilateral trade:


[icon_link url= color=black type=icon_ticked]VANCOUVER – March 15, 2012 – Conference on Business and the Environment @ GLOBE 2012 (ENVIRONMENT)[/icon_link]


[icon_link url= color=black type=icon_ticked] CALGARY – June 13, 2012  – EU-Canada Business Forum on Energy @ the GLOBAL PETROLEUM SHOW 2012 (ENERGY)[/icon_link]
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[icon_link url=http:// color=black type=icon_ticked] MONTREAL – 23-25 April, 2013  – AEROMART (AEROSPACE)[/icon_link] 
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[icon_link url=http:// color=black type=icon_ticked]TORONTO – April 2013 – SIAL CANADA (AGRI-FOOD)[/icon_link]
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[icon_link url=http:// color=black type=icon_ticked]VANCOUVER – 28 May, 2013 – 2014 CROSS-BORDER BUSINESS FORUM[/icon_link]

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In partnership with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Belgium (CCBI) a series of seminars will be held across Canada with a goal of educating Canadian companies on how to develop or grow their business in the post-CETA environment. CCBI has organized training courses for adult learners/business professionals and executives in the field of internationalization of SME’s with particular focus on government procurement opportunities and European project drafting and management. CCBI has also been involved in organization of awareness campaigns and seminars about the EU in Latin America and Asia.

[notice] The seminars will take a form of a roadshow across Canada and will be organized in the following cities: Vancouver – Calgary – Saskatoon – Ottawa – Montreal – St. John’s.


Apart from partnering with CCBI, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada (ICCC) will partner with the Canadian Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Association of Importers, and local Chambers of Commerce across Canada to ensure an adequate participation of Canadian SMEs. We will also liaise with Provincial Government officials, industry associations in Europe and Canada, Canadian Embassies and Consulates in EU or other partners to select specific topics of interests in each Province/city with regards to EU-Canada relations. The seminar in Montreal will take place in French.


A series of high-profile luncheon conferences to highlight the EU-Canada business relationship will be held in the following cities : Vancouver – Calgary – Toronto – Montreal.

The ICCC will partner with Provincial Governments, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, the local Chambers of Commerce, the Italian Chambers of Commerce in Toronto and Montreal and industry associations to ensure the participation of institutional and business leaders as speakers and to promote attendance.

For each event high-profile speakers will be selected including Minister/Premier, EC Representatives, CETA Provincial Negotiators, and industry experts.  The audience will be made up of policy makers, provincial organizations, industry associations, chambers of commerce, academia, the press, business and diplomatic communities.

Given the significant variations among provinces in trade flows with the EU (as well as, obviously, in economy, demographics and socio-political environment), programmes will be tailored specifically for each region in consultation with our local partners to focus on the most relevant issues. By identifying the significant business themes for each region, we will be able to cover a wide spectrum of pertinent issues: environment, energy, air transport, agricultural policies, regulatory cooperation and trade and investment and concentrate on exploring EU-Canada collaboration with the ultimate goal of formulating a series of recommendations.

Each conference will be preceded by a media campaign in the local press including a paid advertisement promoting the event accompanied by an article on the EU-Canada business relationship as it relates to the topic of the conference.

Through the organization of this series of conferences we anticipate that the involvement of CETA provincial negotiators will provide an opportunity to examine the provisions of CETA as they apply specifically to the province’s businesses and to create a forum for dialogue around the issues. The media coverage will guarantee visibility of the initiative in the wider community.
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Europe Day Events

To mark the conclusion of the project and to launch the “EU-Canada Business Guide”, the ICCC will organize a series of convivial events in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal on the occasion of Europe Day, May 9th 2013 in collaboration with Canadian business organizations as well as EU cultural organizations & diplomatic missions.


Events and activities will be held in Europe that will  promote awareness in the EU of the current relations between the EU and Canada and will also provide opportunities for Canadian businesses and institutions to gain insights into various aspects of the business reality in the EU. We expect to demonstrate to Canadian SMEs the level of interest among their EU counterparts in pursuing collaborative endeavours. As a result, we will promote the debate on the bilateral relationship both in Canada and in Europe, with the objective of making suggestions and recommendations to policy makers on possible further areas of cooperation and issues to be addressed in the on-going negotiations at a Provincial level. The planned activities will each contribute to achieve specific goals:

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  • EU-Canada Days – half-day events in major EU cities showcasing the EU-Canada business relationship
  •  Tradeshow Business Forums and Video Interviews – organized in conjunction with major tradeshows with the goal of bringing together Canadian and EU SMEs in a specific sector to discuss the state of the industry and developments following CETA
  • Media Study Tour – a Canadian journalist will cover project events in EU and meet with EU officials to provide Canadians with an original and informed viewpoint
  • Final event in Brussels – to present to EU and Canadian policy makers the suggestions and recommendations of SMEs participating in the project on how to improve and further the relationship
  • Participation in correlated events organized by the European Commission


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EU-Canada Days

EU-Canada Days in Berlin, London, Paris, Rome, Milan and Amsterdam will be organized in partnership with the network of Italian Chambers of Commerce in Europe, the European in-market representatives of the Canadian Provinces, Canadian Embassies and Consulates in EU, business associations, economic development organizations and other relevant European business groups. The events, lasting a half-day starting with a breakfast, will see the participation of both EU and Canadian companies as well as representatives of the larger business communities and media and we anticipate an average attendance of between 100 – 150 qualified guests. In consultation with our local partners we will select specific topics of interests in each area with regards to EU-Canada relations and identify at least one local company successfully doing business with Canada to provide a testimonial during the event. The programme will be developed to include presentations on CETA, testimonials, discussion on specific issues and to leave ample space for debate and Q&A. We will organize a private lunch at the end of the event for the EU and Canadian institutional representatives and business leaders to provide a further opportunity for discussion and networking. All events will be video-recorded and posted on the official website of the project to be accessible in Canada and in Europe by remote users.
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Tradeshow Business Forums and Video Interviews

The Business Forums will take place during important European international tradeshows and conferences we have identified that represent key industry sectors with respect to EU-Canada bilateral trade:


SOLAREXPO – 14th edition 8 – 10 May, 2013  Fiera Milano

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Media Study Tour

Our media partner, Postmedia Newspaper Network, will send one of its experienced journalists, who will have reported on the project activities in Canada in seven of the most important Canadian daily newspapers, to follow some of the events in Europe in order to have articles appear in Canada on the EU project activities and on the EU-Canada relationship seen from a European perspective.

In consultation with our office in Milan and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Brussels, we will establish an itinerary that will allow the journalist to attend the EU-Canada Days in at least 2 cities as well as to visit Brussels to meet with EU officials involved in the development of EU-Canada relations in addition to those responsible for the policy sectors covered in the project (ie. environment, energy, air transport, regulatory cooperation, trade and investment, agricultural policies).

An ICCC employee will accompany the journalist on the visit. The coverage in newspapers across Canada will bring an original and informed viewpoint of the EU-Canada relationship with an in-depth examination of some of the most relevant issues to Canadian businesses and civil society. Given the generally low profile of Europe in Canadian media and even in the coverage of the CETA negotiations, the study tour is expected to bring a much-needed spotlight on the positive aspects of expanded trade relations between Canada and the EU and in particular its impact on SMEs.
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Final Event

A final event will be held in Brussels to present the conclusions and recommendations formulated as a result of input from business and institutions collected during and after all the project activities in Canada and the EU. In addition, the “EU-Canada Business Guide” will be launched. Along with the business and media communities from EU and Canada, prominent institutional representatives at European and Canadian level will attend the event.
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Participation in Correlated Events Organized by the European Commission

One of the project managers will attend two events organized by the European Commission which have a direct relation to the issues covered by the proposal :

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  • European SME Week 2012
  • European Green Week 2012



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