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VALUE – X Survey

VALUE – X Survey

The EU Chamber of Commerce in Canada West is reaching out to request your participation in a brief survey. We are currently conducting a feasibility study for a Portuguese innovation enterprise and start-up accelerator “INOVA+” with offices in Portugal, Poland, Germany and Belgium, which is considering setting up operations in Vancouver and is looking for a feedback from potential partners and clients (financial institutions, investors, start-ups and high-tech SME’s).

INOVA+ works with European Commission, European Investment Bank, European Business Angel Associationlarge corporations and SMEs & startups on solutions for measuring intellectual capital on a qualitative level and has developed a new monetary valuation and rating tool called VALUE-X (<–click here to view presentation) for financial assessments of tech-firms that enables to evaluate the intangible assets and financial risks of start-ups and SME’s.

VALUE-X has already proven itself in Europe as an extremely valuable tool for high-growth firms that need to demonstrate their value to investors. It facilitates access to funding in early stages, debt and equity negotiations, future acquisitions, buy-outs, and initial public offerings, strongly impacting in a positive way the funding of high-tech SMEs and start-ups, by reducing the financial risks’ perception and increasing confidence for investors supporting innovative firms. 

VALUE-X is also in fact a great tool for banks, investors, business angels, venture capital firms and rating agencies as it is able to recognize the hidden assets of companies (like know-how or patents), determining possible risks and lead to fair value and to stable investments.

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