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Our Digital Future – C’est ICI

Our Digital Future – C’est ICI

Our Digital Future – C’est ICI!

Over the past 30 years, a new digital culture, interactivity and instantaneous communication have fundamentally changed our world. We are now at a new crossroads: advances in augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence; the ‘internet of things’; how we interact with devices and the disappearance of the keyboard; big data and user experience tailored to the individual will all change how we live, work, play and participate in society – administratively, economically, socially and politically.

If you are a young adult between 18 and 30, reside in either Canada or Europe, are interested in shaping your digital future, or consider yourself as part of an underrepresented group, this is the right project for you! The 3rd of six ‘24hrs Thinkathons’ takes place online, connecting youth from Vancouver and Madrid on June 8-12, 2020. Register as of now and run the chance to win great prizes!

Connect with likeminded people from Europe and Canada and develop ideas for our future on the topic of “Smart and fast expanding cities”! How do technological advancements influence our concept of cities? How can we use them to create smart cities?

Your opinion matters! All outcomes will be shared with European and Canadian policymakers to make sure your voice is heard.

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The project is realized by the Goethe-Institut, ThinkYoung and Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi NDG and funded by the European Union.