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Top 10 most romantic getaways in Europe 2012

Top 10 most romantic getaways in Europe 2012

Candlelit dinners, gondola rides, champagne picnics, four poster beds, it doesn’t get more romantic than this. At Business Review Europe we begun thinking about the ultimate romantic getaway and have found some true gems for you to make this year extra special


#1. Venice

Venice has an enchantment quite unlike any other city on the planet. Its heady, romantic and bohemian atmosphere is intoxicating and all encompassing so you truly feel as though you have left the everyday world behind. Romance is number one on the agenda in this fairytale city and there are hundreds of wonderful Italian restaurants and cafes to wile away your days, not to mention beautiful boutiques and jewelers and breathtaking scenery.

#2. Paris
Amble along the Seine, climb the stairs at the Sacre-Coeur, search for antiques at an open-air flea market, dine at the Eiffel Tower, stroll through the streets and soak up the atmosphere or simply sit at a cafe with a coffee and a croissant and watch the world go by; Paris is undeniably one of the most romantic cities in the world. With so much to do in one city, Paris is the perfect place to whisk your loved one away to for a long Valentines weekend.

#3. Rome
When in Rome… wander hand in hand through picturesque streets and squares, enjoy breathtaking historical architecture, sip red wine in bohemian street cafes and lie back in the sunshine with a novel on the Spanish Steps. Rome is such a diverse city you could never run out of things to do from drinking in open air bars to gazing in wonder at ancient ruins and architecture. And if you are looking for romance a trip to the Trevi Fountain is unbeatable. Such a fabulous city.

#4. London
London is unique. There is no other city in the world that has quite the same vibe as England’s capital city. Its buzzing, alive and full of energy. Whether you want to experience pure luxury and glamour or a more laid back atmosphere, London has everything to offer. From swanky bars to traditional English pubs there is something for everyone and every mood. And the sightseeing is second to none too!

#5. Amsterdam
Amsterdam has earned itself the name “Venice of the North” so its no surprise that it has made the list. And there are many good reasons for this. Cobblestones, narrow streets, architectural harmony and a liberal atmosphere give Amsterdam a very special feel. Take a boat ride, rent a bike, hop on the tram or just walk and soak it all in; enjoy a nice local beer at a hip bar or at an authentic “brown” cafe.

#6. Cambridge
Cambridge is probably most famous for its university but the city has so much more to offer than lectures and academic prestige. Its cobbled streets, stunning buildings, picturesque river and vast array of shops and restaurants also make it the perfect city for a romantic weekend. The city also has some wonderful park land so you can sit with a book, listen to music of have a romantic picnic, or hire a punt and float down the river under a blanket… weather permitting of course.

#7. Barcelona

Barcelona has plenty of small restaurants where you can enjoy tapas, a vibrant nightlife, stunning buildings and beautiful beaches, all of which make it a unique destination to visit with you other half. The artistic and colourful Gaudi Park stands in perfect contrast to the glamorous harbour and the pristine parks perfectly offset the busy shopping districts. Its a vibrant city which is constantly alight and alive, so if you fancy a party filled weekend away, Barcelona is the place to go.

#8. Prague

In the late eighties Prague became one of the trendy places to visit and rapidly evolved to offer all kind of tourist amenities. It is a lively destination with plenty of beautiful things to see including its grand castle and the famously romantic Charles Bridge. Prague is steeped in culture and has a unique architecture which makes any visit there unforgettable.

#9. Budapest

Budapest is best known for its churches, great architecture, thermal baths and artists, and has experienced a fantastic revival since the early nineties, which made it one of the most-popular alternate destinations for a romantic gateway. It has loads of shabby-chic street cafe’s and bars and has a completely buzzing atmosphere in the evenings. The perfect getaway from everyday hustle and bustle.

#10. Berlin

Berlin is such an amazing city. There is so much to do and see owing to its historical relevance that the days simply fly by. Berlin is quickly becoming known for its vibrant alternative nightlife, which takes on a new dimension against its historical backdrop. The Berlin Wall is a sight to miss, and without doubt the best way to see the city is on a bike. To add a bit of romance to your sightseeing trip, why not hire a tandem?