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My Internship at the EU Chamber of Commerce in Canada West

My Internship at the EU Chamber of Commerce in Canada West

My Internship at the EU Chamber of Commerce in Canada West

My name is Saransh and I am a junior studying Philosophy, International Relations, and Economics Studies at Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia and have recently completed my Exchange semester abroad at Nanyang Technological University Singapore. From day one at the Chamber, I was able to jump right into the job with tons of activities in my hands. Having spent time understanding the trade culture around the globe, the Chamber gave me an  opportunity to incorporate myself into the business and relationship promotions of EU-Canada. 

Working at European Chamber is helping me to get real hands-on experience in compiling and analysing information, researching for companies, which would help facilitate potential business transactions with clients in different markets with specific needs. The weekly Zoom calls and constant email communication is more than enough to stay on track and keep things progressing in a timely manner considering the Internship is Virtual. 

My time spent working alongside my supervisor Stefano Dal Farra and the Executive Director Alex Martyniak at the Chamber allows me to gain insight into the world of business promotions and collaborations. Everything from research to time management, to interpersonal skills, I have the opportunity to not only showcase, but also build on these skills.

As I progress through my internship, the relationship I have developed with my supervisors is one that I hope to see in all of my career. Not only are Stefano and Alex accessible to me 24/7, but I also feel extraordinary mutual transparency and trust. At the end of every two weeks of meetings and assignments, Stefano is sure to ask me for the things that I had learned and my insights and opinions. It is very encouraging to work under such a motivating environment that ensures that I would be gaining skills. 

The mission of the organization is to facilitate international business. With a strong track record from each of their respective careers, they have developed a unique balance of the required skill sets to truly excel as a Chamber of Commerce.

At the Chamber, I get the chance to step out of my comfort zone and get the chance to be mentored by experienced professionals. I am very honoured to have this internship opportunity and look forward to learning more and contributing my best to achieve the organization’s aims.

Forever Grateful,