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Welcome St. John’s and Saskatoon!

Welcome St. John’s and Saskatoon!

The EU – Canada Partnership is pleased to announce that the St. John’s Board of Trade and the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce have come on board as partners in the execution of project activities. Both will be specifically assisting us in the execution of the Cross-Canada Seminar Tour at the end of October. These seminars entitled ‘‘How to do Business in Europe: Procurement and other Opportunities in a Post-CETA Environment’ will allow export-ready SMEs in Canada to gain some insightful knowledge on the opportunities available in the world’s largest market.

The seminar in Saskatoon will be held on Tuesday, October 23rd at the Saskatoon Club.

The Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce (formerly, Saskatoon Board of Trade), was organized in 1903 and incorporated in 1907. The Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce is a member-driven organization comprised of 1,800 professional, business, community and individual persons. Through advocacy and leadership, our organization promotes ethical business practices, enhances the environment for business growth and job creation, and facilitates strong relationships between community, educational, business and governmental organizations. Working in partnership with the community and with business, our mission is to ensure that the Saskatoon region has the Best Business Climate in Canada. The result will be a city of opportunities… for now and for the future.

The seminar in St. John’s will be held on Monday, October 29th at the Capital Hotel.

The St. John’s Board of Trade is a not for profit organization with 850 members, which employ 30,000 plus people, lead by a volunteer executive and board of directors representing local business. The St. John’s Board of Trade is the most influential voice of business in the province to all levels of government