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National Buyer/Seller Forum coming to Edmonton this fall

National Buyer/Seller Forum coming to Edmonton this fall

On occasion of this forum, EU-Canada Partnership will be holding their Edmonton Lunch Seminar entitled ‘How to do Business in Europe: Procurement and other Opportunities in a Post-CETA Environment’ on Wednesday, October 24th from 11am to 1pm in Salon 4.

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The Canadian oilsands is now one of the largest industrial engineering projects in the world. According to the Canadian Energy Research Institute, over $2.077 trillion will be spent over the next 25 years to build and maintain this vast network of oilsands projects and infrastructure. Thousands of workers and hundreds of companies are moving into the oilsands sector, reshaping the Canadian economy.

All of this activity is already placing significant strain on Canada’s workforce and supply chain—a pinch point that many believe is one of the greatest challenges facing oilsands development today. A robust and efficient supply chain is critical to ensuring oilsands opportunities can be met in a sustainable way.

Coming to Edmonton on Oct. 23–25, 2012, the National Buyer/Seller Forum will bring together energy companies and their supply-chain partners to explore long-term strategies, with two goals in mind: ensure timely and cost-effective completion of projects, and build a reliable and sustainable supply chain to handle ongoing maintenance, repairs and operations of energy facilities and infrastructure.

The forum will showcase world-leading models of strong, collaborative supply chains to both buyers and sellers. Expect to see profiles of local examples of innovative practices already working in the oilsands to reduce costs and schedules, ease supply bottlenecks and improve environmental performance. Oilsands procurement teams will also be on hand to offer insight and advice to help suppliers map out their business development strategies.
The 2012 National Buyer/Seller Forum will be a catalyst for ongoing collaboration between buyers and sellers to improve Canada’s oilsands supply-chain links—links that are critical to the long-term success of Alberta and Canada’s economy.

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