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Introducing Maribor 2012 European Capital of Culture

Introducing Maribor 2012 European Capital of Culture


“This is an extraordinary opportunity for us all to develop culture on different levels of society: in public dialogue, by stimulating cultural norms and values needed in an area, with education, by lifting people´s perception about cultural awareness, and by giving equal weight to everyone´s opinion.”

In 2012, Maribor is la ying new foundations and setting new trends of development. The European Capital of Culture is an opportunity for the city, for all partner cities and for the region, the country, an opportunity for artists, for various institutions supporting social growth. The European Capital of Culture is an internationally recognised project; it is an opportunity for the city, the region, and the country, and an opportunity for artists from the culture arena and for various institutions which support social development.

Within the project – which we see as the mobilisation of varied artistic events – there is a much broader dimension. Through creativity in the field of culture, it calls on all areas of society to seek motivation for shared activities and social progress. The arena of operations of the European Capital of Culture involves culture in the broadest possible sense – the culture of living, the culture of dialogue, and the cultural identity of the environment, whose breadth defines us. It defines us as individuals, as residents and citizens; it defines us as personalities who shape space with their creative activity and culturalawareness. The very awareness that we shape this space, that we live with the consequences, which affect many generations, is an extremely important aspect of the European Capital of Culture project. The search for common stories, the weaving of creativity, development, the present, past and future presents an unrepeatable opportunity for many synergic effects which may be created in societ . The weaving of different fields of art and cultural events for the many and the few is an important aspect of the whole project. Such a project leaves a lasting mark on the environment, because its drive motivates many artists and numerous institutions to become aware that they live together. The city of Maribor sensed this opportunity when applying with the partner cities, and in 2012 this needs to be implemented in a bold and socially responsible way. And the connection with education and research through the University of Maribor, which has a key role in the dynamics of development, is essential to the project. And it is just as essential that the programme contents and broader activities become a part of each individual who resides in this sphere or visits it. Through Maribor 2012, the city, the region and the state can find or reinvent a story of connections, mutual dialogue, creativity for the purpose of social development and the quality of our lives together.

Let us tell this story together!